Guide to Purchasing Piano Music for Your Music Lessons

If you currently take piano lessons or are thinking about starting piano lessons, then this piano music guide could prove very helpful for you. Instead of searching through databases and trying to track down the most popular piano music books, all of the work has been done for you and is clearly presented below.

Here you can find the most commonly used materials for beginning and intermediate level piano students and piano teachers. “Method books” are collections of carefully sequenced piano pieces that introduce concepts in order of increasing difficulty. Also included below are commonly used collections for elementary and intermediate level students. Some of the following can be found at Links to each item at those sites have been conveniently provided for you. This site is not responsible for any transactions made between you and those sites.

Piano Method Books for Children in Piano Lessons

Piano Method Books for Adults in Piano Lessons

Technique Books for Piano Lessons

Piano Books By the "Great" Composers

General Collections of “Classical” Piano Music for Children and Adults (spanning all four style periods)

Collections of "Classical" Piano Music From Specific Style Periods.

Technique Books for Scales and Chords

Technique Books by Classical Composers

Books by The Great Composers (arranged alphabetically)

| Bach | Beethoven | Brahms | Chopin | Debussy |
| Haydn | Liszt | Mozart | Prokofiev | Rachmaninoff | Ravel | Schumann |

Bach, Johann Sebastian

Beethoven, Ludwig Van

Brahms, Johannes

Chopin, Frederic

Debussy, Claude

Haydn, Franz Joseph

Liszt, Franz

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Prokofiev, Sergei

Rachmaninoff, Sergei

Ravel, Maurice

Schumann, Robert

Be sure to check out the page devoted to piano books for more piano resources!